ZigZag DEX announces airdrop plan

DEX ZigZag officially announced the specific airdrop plan for the platform’s supporters as already revealed from last year.

ZigZag DEX announces airdrop plan

On February 24, the decentralized exchange (DEX) ZigZag announced airdrop plans for a wide range of users. The exchange will have a total of 7 airdrops for about 110,000 wallet addresses, allocating 35,000,000 ZZ (accounting for 35% of the total supply).

However, ZigZag notes that only the criteria for receiving the airdrop and the list of eligible wallets have been published. The floor is still ZZ token has not been issued yet and send money to any wallet.

Specifically, 7 airdrops will be for groups of people who have contributed to ZigZag’s recent activities, including:

  • Airdrop for traders
  • Airdrop for donors via Gitcoin
  • Airdrop for liquidity providers on Atlendis
  • Airdrop for IDO participants
  • Airdrop for market maker
  • Airdrop for members to join Discord
  • Airdrop for NFT POAP holders

As for the airdrop for traders, who are also the recipients of the largest airdrop with more than 92,000 wallet addresses, each eligible wallet will receive 300 ZZ. The conditions here will require investors to have trading activity within 1 month from the first swap, and have at least 4 days of recording transactions.

In addition, to thank the people who have supported the platform since the beginning, ZigZag will airdrop to those who trade on the exchange before December 1, 2021, 300 ZZ each, and before January 1, 2022 each person. 100 ZZ.

Besides, investors participating in the first generation IDO will also have a chance to receive an airdrop even if they are not on the list of top exchanges. The exchange will allocate according to the amount of ZZ investors hold, for every 1 ZZ purchased before, they will receive 3 ZZ, the IDO airdrop will return to 5,500 wallet addresses.

Users can check if they are on the list of airdrop recipients by looking up the wallet address ID in the files that ZigZag attached on the announcement post.

ZigZag is known as a DEX with an orderbook mechanism (with order book and order placement), powered by ZK-Rollups technology. ZigZag has launched mainnet on ZkSync – layer-2 solution to increase transaction speed and improve expensive transaction fees of Ethereum. In addition, the platform also deploys on both StarkNet and Arbitrum.

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