The current confusion is reminiscent of Satoshi Nakamoto’s advice in 2009 not to trust banks

In a recent development in the crypto world, a Reddit user retweeted a 2009 statement by Satoshi Nakamoto in which he warned people not to trust banks.

The statement highlighted problems with the fractional-reserve banking system, in which banks keep only a portion of their total deposits as reserves and use the rest as capital for borrowers. While the system has its advantages, there can also be dangers, as seen during the 2009 financial crisis.

During the crisis, banks made risky loans and investments without sufficient capital to cover potential losses, causing a liquidity crunch and negatively impacting the broader economy. Satoshi’s message comes at a time when people need to be wary of coin debasement and consider their use and investment in the banking industry.

The collapse of cryptocurrency banks such as Silvergate, Silicon Valley, Signature, etc. shows that banks are no longer safe and may face the risk of failure at any time. The decline in USDC price is the result of the collapse of financial institutions and also reflects the impact of currency devaluation.

Satoshi’s comments caught the attention of hundreds of thousands of Twitter followers in the crypto community and were widely shared. Many netizens agreed with Satoshi Nakamoto’s words and expressed their gratitude to the creator of Bitcoin.

Overall, Satoshi Nakamoto’s warning not to trust banks is a timely reminder to be prudent with our money and investments. As the crypto world continues to evolve, it is crucial to stay informed and make informed decisions.

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