The Bitcoin white paper is available in 43 different languages

The Bitcoin whitepaper, authored by the anonymous Satoshi Nakamoto, continues to be disseminated globally in various languages ​​by community members who strive to make the resource’s content accessible to a wider audience.

So far, the white paper has Pandemic According to information gathered from on April 10, Bitcoin has been translated into 43 languages, including Chinese, Spanish, Italian, Russian, French, German, Indonesian, Basque, and Swedish, among others.

Additionally, to cater for the visually impaired, the white paper is also available in Braille. These efforts have contributed significantly to making the content of the document more accessible and understandable to a wider audience around the world.

Translations of the Bitcoin white paper play an important role in breaking down Bitcoin’s barriers to entry and making its technology better understood by millions of people around the world. By removing the language barrier, everyone can participate in the conversation and gain a deeper understanding of how Bitcoin works.

Fortunately, anyone interested in translating the white paper can submit a request through the Github page. This open approach allows anyone, anywhere in the world, to contribute to the spread of Bitcoin knowledge and make Bitcoin more accessible to people of different cultures and languages. .

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