Tally proposes new governance for MakerDao

On February 15th, on-chain DAO platform Tally launched a new governance proposal to the MakerDAO community.

The governance structure proposed by Tally will allow:

  • OpenZeppelin Governor DAO data chain query.
  • Reliable money management and protocol upgrades.
  • Well-designed user interface – no maintenance, no coding.
  • List Governor contracts, on-chain proposals, and accounts with delegation.

open airship governor

Tally uses OpenZeppelin Governor β€” a front-end application that allows users to create and vote on proposals in an easy-to-deploy interface β€” which caters to some of the larger DAOs in the Ethereum ecosystem.

Chris Rusyniak, the chief engineer behind Tally, said:

“Anyone who has tried to build a DAO understands that getting proposals is very difficult.”

He added that the MakerDAO community should consider allowing OpenZeppelin Contracts to delegate to SubDAO.

Tally uses it to prevent “islands of knowledge,” which can hinder growth and stifle innovation.

β€œThe plan is ultimately based on reorganizing the existing decentralized workforce ecosystem into new self-sustaining SubDAOs. Since each SubDAO is a DAO, it will have its own governance token, governance process, workforce, and interface.”

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Tally expects MakerDAO members to use its protocol to create proposals, airdrops, delegate tasks, and vote on them, and to use its protocol to create a form of SubDAO governance.


MakerDAO is an entity that creates loans, savings, and a stablecoin on the Ethereum blockchain. One of their products is DAI, a stablecoin on the same blockchain designed to keep its value as close to the $1 peg as possible. This is achieved through smart contracts and a decentralized network of participants who are incentivized to perform maintenance and governance functions.

MakerDAO (DAI), one of the top 70 tokens, is up nearly 50% year-to-date, with a total market capitalization of $736 million.

Source: TradingView

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