Square Enix launches NFT game on Polygon

Square Enix — the Japanese video game publisher behind franchises such as Final Fantasy, Dragon Quest, and Kingdom Hearts — announced today that it will launch an NFT-based Symbiogensis game on the Ethereum scaling network Polygon.

Symbiosis was first announced last November. At the time, the publisher said the story-driven collectibles were planned to launch on ethereum. Today, however, the company said it will switch to Polygon. The purpose of using sidechains is to provide faster and cheaper transactions than the Ethereum mainnet.

Game producer Naoyuki Tamate said in a press release:

“Square Enix chose to leverage Polygon’s high transaction speed, low gas fees, and overall user-friendliness to provide a unique experience for Web3 fans.”

As of November, the publisher provided details via its official Twitter feed, but has yet to roll out an official website, full trailer, or pre-release screenshots as planned in the spring.

Square Enix provided more details in today’s announcement. The game will feature approximately 10,000 NFT characters related to strategy game mechanics, although other NFTs will also be used in the game. However, according to a document shared by Polygon Labs, owning an NFT character is not required to play the game, though it does add an unspecified “added value” to the experience. Characters holding NFTs can create “NFT clones” to share story information with other players.

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Symbiosis will take place on a floating continent above a polluted Earth, and when dragons threaten their safe haven, societies are forced to band together and make difficult choices.

The game will feature turn-based gameplay tied to a storyline, following different paths as users complete quests and hold or trade NFTs.Square Enix has introduce NFT items include dragon tarot cards and monster storybooks, but no details were revealed about the cost or how they would affect the game.

Symbiogenesis, announced in November, was met with a backlash from fans of traditional Square Enix video games. This is normal for Web3 games and projects created by established game companies, but in this case, some fans were angered by rumors that the game would be a new entry in the series. The movie “Parasite Eve” has long been asleep. This is impossible.

Square Enix has made some moves in the Web3 space over the past few years, but Symbiogenesis is their first NFT-based game and the first internal project they have built in the Ethereum ecosystem.

Comedian Bill Murray hosted the first party exclusively for NFT holders in Oceanside, California. Bill Murray describes the project’s genesis and why starting an NFT-based membership club doesn’t feel like a “mercenary.”

Previously, Square Enix invested in Metaverse Ethereum game The Sandbox and announced that it would revive the Dungeon Siege brand in its game world. The publisher also launched an NFT collection in Japan via the LINE blockchain, and announced an NFT of Final Fantasy VII linked to a physical action figure via Enjin’s Polkadot-based Efinity platform.

Despite complaints from some traditional gamers about NFTs, Square Enix continues to highlight the opportunity it sees in the space and is investing in growing its Web3 efforts. Last May, Square Enix sold a string of game studios and franchises (including Tomb Raider) for $300 million to fund new commercial ventures, including Web3 experiences.

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