Someone Sells 1 Bitcoin Serial Number for $280,000

New serial number minted on the bitcoin blockchain, text 2042which contains a one-second audio clip capturing the flowing sound.

Launched in January by software engineer Casey Rodarmor, Ordinals is essentially a protocol that allows data to be stored on the bitcoin blockchain. Think of NFTs on Bitcoin.

They’re so new you can’t even buy them through marketplaces like OpenSea. They require a special Bitcoin Ordinal wallet for storage and transactions, but that doesn’t stop people from uploading malicious and strange files to the Bitcoin network.

To date, there have been over 100,000 inscriptions on the Ordinal network, ranging from encrypted files to digital works of art.

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Text 2042

On February 2nd, text 2042 was uploaded to the Bitcoin blockchain, a 1-second file recording the sound of someone cheering.

According to a Reddit user posting on r/CryptoCurrency, text 2042 sold for 12.3 bitcoins or $280,000.

Since there is no centralized (or even decentralized) marketplace for Bitcoin Ordinals, it is impossible to verify that the inscription is actually being sold, most of it off-market in random Discord channels, usually between Bitcoin node operators.

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According to Cryptoslate

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