Solana promises improved network upgrade to enhance stability

After experiencing a technical problem that resulted in a network restart, Solana’s engineering team promises to improve stability in major upgrades to avoid similar situations in the future.

Solana promises improved network upgrade to enhance stability

Like Kyptos reported last weekend, Solana network continued to experience problems, had to restart to patch. After not being able to find the exact cause, the Solana developers decided to move the node software from v1.14 back to v1.13 because they thought the new version could be the reason for the problem.

A software upgrade that caused network failures is not the first time for Solana. The v1.14 beta in January also encountered a technical error before it was fixed to be able to officially upgrade on the mainnet.

Therefore, Solana co-founder Anatoly Yakovenko affirmed that the team will try to improve the software upgrade process to ensure the reliability and uptime of the Solana network, avoiding similar software failures that can occur. may happen in the future.

Ms. Yakovenko said:

“Our top priority remains to provide a fast, reliable and scalable network.

The v1.14 update focuses on speed and scale improvements to the Solana network. But the crash last weekend made it clear to us how difficult it is to stay stable during major updates.”

Prior to the release of v1.14, the engineering team prioritized fixing issues that directly affected the user experience, such as gas meter errors or lack of transaction flow control.

But lessons from last week’s incident have made the Solana team more vigilant. They plan to invite more independent external developers and auditors to assist with smart contract audits and bug finding.

In addition, another team of core engineers was also established and up to a third of the members from Solana Labs attended.

In addition to the core engineers, Solana also has many other engineers from investment funds, projects, etc., who have a lot of dedication to the network. For example, the Jump Crypto team, which promises to improve the Solana blockchain, is building a new validator called Firedancer.

Ms. Yakovenko shared:

“The Jump Crypto Firedancer team is building a second validator to increase network throughput, efficiency, and resiliency.

Meanwhile, Mango DAO developers are focusing on designing a set of tools needed to build DApps on Solana.”

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