SHIB Becomes Most Popular Memecoin in US and India

In 2023, Memecoins are taking the world by storm, led by the United States (US), India, and the United Kingdom (UK). These three countries accounted for more than half of memecoin fans this year, Coinecko reported. However, research also shows that memecoins have global appeal and popularity, with the Philippines and Malaysia in Southeast Asia, Nigeria and Morocco in Africa, Australia and New Zealand in Oceania, and Canada showing considerable interest.

The US is leading the memecoin boom, with 23.6% of interest so far in 2023. The most popular memecoin in the US this year is Shiba Inu, with an interest rate of 60.7%. India was the second country driving memecoin hype this year, accounting for 20.3% of interest, and Shiba Inu was also the most popular coin in India with 55.8%.

Source: Coinecko

Research shows that people are most interested in Shiba Inu, attracting 46.7% of interest among the top memecoins in 2023. Baby Doge Coin attracted 12.3% interest, followed by the most popular meme coins of late – Pepe 9.4%, Floki (8.6%) and Bonk (8.2%). It is worth noting that Pepe has a high degree of attention among Canadians, accounting for 26.9%.

The report also highlights the fact that different countries have different preferences for memecoins. Dogelon Mars, for example, attracted 17.4% of Nigerian interest in the memecoin, despite limited rates elsewhere. Filipinos and Nigerians are also looking at lesser-known memecoins rather than hot memecoins.

The study examines the year-to-date total views of the top 15 memecoins by market capitalization as of May 3, 2023. Reports show that memecoins have become a popular speculative asset, with Bonk’s price surge gaining attention earlier this year, achieving returns of more than 300% in 8 days, compared to 141 days for Shiba Inu and 141 days for Dogecoin. 1,253 days.

In short, the memecoin craze continues to captivate the world, led by the US, India, and the UK. However, the research also shows that memecoins have global appeal and popularity, with different countries showing different preferences for the top memecoins. As with any speculative asset, investors should exercise caution and conduct research before investing.

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