Scroll’s zkEVM solution begins testing on Ethereum testnet

Another name in the race to deploy zkEVM on Ethereum is Scroll, which has started testing its solution on the Goerli testnet.

Scroll’s zkEVM solution begins testing on Ethereum testnet

Scroll, the developer of a second layer (layer-2) scaling solution for Ethereum, announces the launch of a testnet version of its zkEVM solution on the Goerli testnet.

By bringing Scroll to the public testnet, developers will give the Ethereum community the opportunity to fully test this layer-2, as well as detect potential vulnerabilities, before officially deploying the project to the public. Ethereum mainnet this year.

zkEVM is a term used to refer to layer-2 blockchains developed in the direction of zk-Rollups, using zero-knowledge proof data verification technology, and possessing compatibility with the Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM) to connect connected to the world’s largest smart contract network. With zero-knowledge proof, zkEVM solutions will have a higher level of security and fraud resistance than layer-2s running optimistic rollups like Arbitrum and Optimism.

In addition, Scroll is choosing a harder path for his zkEVM, which is programming zkEVM using the same Solidity language as Ethereum. The team will have to solve the complex problem so that the zero-knowledge proof can work with the Ethereum Virtual Machine without problems, but in return it will make it easier for developers to work with only having to use one programming language. program and attract more projects to Scroll. The other direction would be to build a zero-knowledge proof of a separate programming language, then “translate” Ethereum applications into a new language for compatibility.

Besides Scroll, two other projects developing zkEVM, Polygon, ConsenSys and zkSync are also racing to see who will be the first to introduce their complete solution to the community. Polygon zkEVM has set a release date on March 27.

However, the Scroll team does not place too much emphasis on the goal of being the first, for example, when Optimism came out a few months after Arbitrum, but now the two can still compete in terms of reception from both Ethereum projects and users.

Scroll revealed that it has been building the zkEVM solution for 2 years now, and has a development team of up to 60 programmers.

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