Rollkit supports the development of Rollup on Bitcoin’s infrastructure

Rollkit – a toolkit that helps build Rollup – has just announced a new module version, allowing projects to build EVM-compatible scaling solutions right on top of the Bitcoin blockchain.

Rollkit supports the development of Rollup on Bitcoin's infrastructure
Rollkit supports the development of Rollup on Bitcoin’s infrastructure

According to its Twitter post, Rollkit said it will support a toolkit (module) that allows Rollups to use Bitcoin infrastructure as a data feed.

Note: Rollkit is a suite of application interfaces developed by Celestia that helps projects both quickly deploy Rollups and take advantage of the data availability infrastructure that Celestia provides.

Rollkit’s solution will leave Cosensus (consensus) and Data Availability (data availability) tasks to Bitcoin’s infrastructure layer. At the same time, this solution will take care of the Execution stage and develop the Rollup build toolkit for other projects.

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Notably, in its post, Rollkit said that it has tested supporting EVM (Ethereum’s virtual machine system) right on Bitcoin’s own data and consensus layer.

This information once again caused the Twitter community to have mixed opinions, most of which were sparked from the time the NFT Ordinals collection was announced. Whether Bitcoin should operate as an ecosystem of DApps and NFT collections is still the subject of fierce debate from the community.

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Regarding the story of gas fees when uploading data to Bitcoin, account Eric Wall shared a small calculation, which resulted in data usage on Bitcoin 7 times cheaper than on Ethereum. Needless to say, this tweet also received a lot of controversy and criticism.

Account Ryan Berchmans thinks the idea of ​​a “Bitcoin rollup” is pointless and is actually just uploading block data to Bitcoin instead of being seen as revolutionary.

“Rollup on Bitcoin is really just an alternative Layer-1 solution that wants to upload its block data to Bitcoin. That’s not a true Layer-2 solution. For me, the best way to prove this falsehood is to build an L2 solution with Zero-Knowledge technology and then put the data on Bitcoin.”

As can be seen, the explosive controversy about the use and role of the Bitcoin network will not be over anytime soon. Especially in the near future, NFT activities and supporting technology solutions are gradually turning attention to blockchain that looks “outdated” but has these extremely solid foundations.

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