Ripple CEO Says Crypto Industry ‘Has Already Started’ Moving Outside the US

Ripple CEO Says SEC Regulating Through “Enforcement” Is Not a “Smart Way” to Regulate the Industry this country become a less attractive place Give Electronic money company.


Brad Garlinghouse says: Ripple CEO

In an interview on the 3rd/3. Brad Garlinghouse, CEO of Ripple, a blockchain-based digital payment network, believes that the regulatory approach of the US Securities and Exchange Commission puts the United States at “serious risk” that it will miss the opportunity to become an attractive growth hub. The next evolution of blockchain and cryptocurrency innovation.

watch out for garlinghouse litigation SEC for Ripple is just playing games. “attack’ and “crack down” on the entire industry, adding that if the SEC “could expansionthen there will be “many litigation other”.

He advises the crypto industry “satisfy Started moving out of “United States” due to funds management process digital belong surname “Behind” other countries such as “Australia, UK, Japan, Singapore and Switzerland”.

he praised this The country took “time and thought” to create “clear rules”, adding that the approach taken by the US was not “a sane way to regulate the industry”.

Garlinghouse recalled his “first entry into tech.” from late 90s”, There were proposals to ban the internet on the grounds of “illegal activity”, but the government rejected the idea and decided to “create a framework”.

femaleThe benefits of early adoption” become The ‘Geopolitical Basis’ of ‘Amazon and Google’ closure based in the US like nowsuggestion about similar opportunity arrive Create a framework for cryptocurrencies.

According to Garlinghouse, the process should begin by outlining “clear protections for users.”

femaleUsers are “left behind” because they lack “similar protections” that the regulatory framework “could provide”.

According to the CEO, Decide For the SEC-Ripple case will be released this year.

Recently, John Deaton – Home Founder of Crypto Law Lawyer, a legal news organization call His 245,000 Twitter followers took action on 5/3. State that all companies that are “actively litigating” with the SEC should cooperate and put up “Coordinated strategy” is called “war”.

This happened after CEO Kristen Smith Blockchain Association Comment In an interview on the 22nd/2 Cryptocurrency regulation in the U.S. is working “behind closed doors,” adding that it’s important to involve more of the industry in an “open process.”

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