Nearly a year later, Vitalik Buterin and founder Solana continue to talk about bridge safety

Solana Labs co-founder Anatoly Yakovenko has unexpectedly resumed talks about bridge security with ethereum founder Vitalik Buterin after nearly a year.

Then, at the end of May 2022, blockchain activists discussed how to detect and prevent fraud attempts, a system that allows funds to move between different networks multiple times using the same currency that is legal.

Conversations between Yakovenko and Buterin were subsequently suspended, but both parties agreed that, in theory, the social layer managing the bridge could solve any problems.

However, both acknowledge that there are uncertainties about the security of such systems, especially during a 51% attack.

Solana’s founders have been thinking about this solution for a year, and may finally have found it.

Therefore, Yakovenko proposes trust-minimized bridges between independent layer-1 blockchains, a design that ensures that local users can pull their bridged assets back to the local chain, preserving data or initiating 51 even if the remote chain has a majority. % s attack.

The key to Yakovenko’s solution is to hold an auction when a problem arises to decide who can fix it.

Additionally, people using the system must wait for confirmations before spending their tokens. If something goes wrong, people will be able to submit a challenge to gain access to their data.


According to USA Today

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