Mina Protocol reveals roadmap for building an innovative blockchain

In a recent announcement, Mina Protocol has disclosure A roadmap outlining the key areas the team will focus on in the coming months to further advance the capabilities of the blockchain.

The five main areas that the Mina Protocol team will focus on are Trust Minimization, ZK Programmability, Settlement Layer Performance, Recursive Rollup (Rollup) and Road to DAOification (Road to DAOification). These areas reflect the team’s commitment to building secure, scalable, and resilient blockchains.

Trust minimization is the first focus area, which involves reducing the need for trust in the Mina Protocol network. The team aims to achieve this by implementing a number of security features, including zero-knowledge proofs and cryptographic verification features.

The second area of ​​focus is ZK-Programmability, which refers to the ability to program smart contracts using ZK proofs. This will allow developers to create complex applications on the Mina Protocol blockchain without compromising security.

Settlement Layer Performance is the third focus, which focuses on the speed and efficiency of the processing layer. The team intends to achieve this by optimizing the consensus algorithm and implementing other performance enhancements.

Recursive Rollup is the fourth focus area, which involves enabling recursive computation on the Mina Protocol network. This will allow developers to build more complex applications that require multiple levels of computation.

Finally, the road to DAOization is the fifth focus area, which involves transforming the Mina Protocol network into fully decentralized autonomous organizations (DAOs). This will give the community greater control over the management of the network.

One of the most exciting developments on the roadmap is zkApp’s improved programming capabilities on mainnet, which will launch this year. This will allow developers to create more complex applications that take advantage of the security benefits of zero-knowledge proofs.

The Mina Protocol team has a track record of delivering on promises, and this roadmap demonstrates their commitment to building truly innovative blockchains. With the roadmap made public, the community can look forward to exciting developments in the near future.

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