Many major exchanges simultaneously listed the “all trending in one” coin CryptoGPT (GPT)

The fledgling CryptoGPT (GPT) project with the goal of including many hot-hit keywords such as AI, ZK, Layer2 was listed by many major exchanges simultaneously. These include Bybit, MEXC, Bitfinex,, Bitget, etc.

Many major exchanges simultaneously listed the “all-in-one trend” coin CryptoGPT (GPT)

The year 2023 has passed less than a quarter, but the crypto market has experienced a lot of “trends”, “narratives” or new trends. Based on the hot-hit keywords that are attracting a lot of attention, the token prices of those projects suddenly skyrocketed despite the generally not-so-optimistic market trend.

For example, the “China coin” movement exploded thanks to the story of Hong Kong “pivoting”, preparing to reopen with crypto. Or earlier “trend AI” when the whole world is going crazy with ChatGPT.

And according to the “tradition” of the industry so far, whenever there is a hot keyword, there will be many new projects born, trying to “follow” the fomo of that time.

But the highest peak is probably the project dare Gather all the trends in one…

That is CryptoGPT (GPT)the crypto project “fully converges” with the latest trends including: Crypto + GPT + AI + Layer-2 + zk-Rollups + AItoEarn.

The project’s first Twitter post was on February 13, 2023, less than a month ago. These “joke-like” projects will also have the same fate as projects that were created because of “following” other trends.

But not!

CryptoGPT is receiving great attention because it is about to be listed on major exchanges. As of press time, CryptoGPT with GPT token has been listed by exchanges including Bybit, MEXC, Bitfinex,, Bitget, etc.

The listing time is also synchronized at 6PM on March 10, 2023 (Vietnam time).

Mass listings like this are not too common in the crypto market. Previously there was The Graph (GRT), Internet Computer (ICP) or Aptos (APT), Blur (BLUR).

But the names mentioned above are all projects that have built a name and community for a long time, unlike CryptoGPT with 1 month old.

Therefore, the listing of this GPT is almost entirely due to the hype of the coin in the hope of attracting attention and trading volume for exchanges. Not really because of the quality or potential of the project.

In addition, the community also needs alert because there have been many scam projects, fake GPT’s social network accounts for profit.

Many accounts fake CryptoGPT project on Twitter

Synthetic Kyptos

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