Iron Fish security blockchain launches mainnet on March 14

Iron Fish, a privacy-focused blockchain platform, announces mainnet launch after 2 years of development and airdrop of IRON coins to early backers.

Iron Fish security blockchain launches mainnet on March 14

According to the announcement posted on February 28, the Iron Fish developer said that the mainnet of the project will be deployed on March 14, 2023.

Iron Fish is a layer-1 blockchain that promotes anonymity, based on Proof-of-Work consensus. The project development team believes that privacy is an underappreciated aspect in the crypto industry, so has chosen to develop in the direction of privacy blockchain to give crypto users more options to protect their interests. Iron Fish uses the Sappling Protocol security protocol developed by Zcash.

The project has been in development since 2021, going through 3 testnet phases. Testnet 3 was opened from January 18 to February 25, 2023, recording more than 60,000 active nodes globally, 140 account registrations, and 300,000 assets created.

With the successes achieved, Iron Fish chose March 14, 2023 as the time to deploy the mainnet, officially launching the blockchain. At the time of launch, users can start running nodes, mine IRON coins, issue assets and trade coins on Iron Fish.

In addition, the project will conduct an airdrop of 940,000 IRON to test participants on the testnet, with an allocation period from mid-March to early April.

Statistics of Iron Fish’s testnet registration rate

According to the information contained in the whitepaper, Iron Fish’s own coin is called IRON, the total fixed supply is 256,970,400 IRON. IRON will be born through the same block mining as Bitcoin, with the reward per block decreasing over the years. Block generation time on Iron Fish will be every 60 seconds, compared to 10 minutes like Bitcoin’s, ensuring transaction speed for users.

Iron Fish’s IRON emission schedule by years as a block reward

Iron Fish in 2021 has raised $ 27.6 million from two famous crypto investment funds from the US, a16z and Sequoia.

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