How 3 Investors Made Millions With PEPE and SHIB

In the crypto world, there is always the possibility of making big money, but it requires a certain risk tolerance and market awareness. According to Lookonchain, three investors named 0x778c, 0x2af8 and cryptopolitan.eth made millions from their early investments in two popular meme coins, SHIB and PEPE.

The first investor, 0x778c, purchased SHIB on February 2, 2021, when Dogecoin Destroyer was relatively unknown. Over time, he invested $13,500 in 1.31 trillion SHIBs, which he eventually sold for $5.81 million, for a profit of about $5.8 million.

Likewise, he started investing in PEPE on April 17, buying PEPE for $396.7 billion at a price of $9815. He then sold 116.8 billion PEPE for $392,000 and currently holds 280 billion PEPE worth $799,000, making a profit of about $1.18 million.

The second investor, 0x2af8, started buying SHIB on April 16, 2021 and made approximately $3.84 million in profit from the token. Then he invested US$286,000 to buy 558.5 billion PEPE, and sold it at a price of US$1.6 million, making a profit of about US$1.34 million.

Finally, Cryptopolitan.eth was another investor who invested in SHIB early and made a profit of approximately $2.45 million. He then invested $103,000 in PEPE and bought 340 billion PEPE. He then sold 56 billion PEPE for $121,000 and transferred 181 billion PEPE to Binance and 7.5 billion PEPE to 0x13df. He currently holds $95.5 billion in PEPE, worth $298,000, with a profit of about $695,000.

like Bitcoin Magazine It was recently reported that three weeks ago, an investor named Dimethyltryptamine.eth owned trillions of dollars in PEPE with just $263 invested. Since then, the value of the token has soared, making a $3.8 million profit after selling some of its holdings. Notably, dimethyltryptamine.eth still holds about $9 million worth of tokens with a return of 5,000,000%.


according to Kyptos

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