Has Microsoft’s metaverse dream “disappeared”?

Microsoft laid off its industrial Metaverse team of about 100 employees. The team focuses on creating Metaverse functionality in industrial environments.

Microsoft is the next big tech company to cut plans for the Metaverse. The company has announced that it will be discontinuing the Industrial Metaverse team, even though it was only created about 4 months ago. About 100 employees were reportedly fired.

This Metaverse team is called “Industrial Metaverse Core” and focuses on industrial scenarios. Specifically, it aims to build interfaces for operational control systems in power plants, robotics, and transportation networks.

Microsoft is just one of many high-profile tech companies laying off workers. In addition, there are giants such as Google, Amazon, Salesforce, and Meta. This trend of action has led some to believe that the era of big tech is over.

However, big tech companies continue to make significant strides in the development of many technologies. Microsoft is in the spotlight because it sponsors ChatGPT, a revolutionary artificial intelligence service. The company recently announced ChatGPT integration with its Edge browser.

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Microsoft Believes in Metaverse, But Stops Some Efforts

Microsoft’s decision to shut down the Metaverse team is arguably quite interesting, as it demonstrates their enthusiasm for this niche market.They work on mixed reality devices holographic lens Over the years, though, there has been no sign of commercial success. Company executives also described the importance of the industry as we enter an increasingly digital world.

Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella spoke about the benefits of the Metaverse himself. Of course, continued acquisitions of companies like Altspace VR and Activision Blizzard point to a Metaverse strategy. However, Microsoft announced last month its decision to shut down the old one.

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Other companies have also tempered their Metaverse-related ambitions. Meta announced that it will close the Crayta company it acquired less than two years ago.company too close the door Echo VR, popular Metaverse games in its ecosystem.

Meta is also buying its own companies, winning a lawsuit from the Federal Trade Commission. Meta can now buy Inside, which the FTC considers an anticompetitive practice.

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