Florida Governor ‘swears’ to protect Bitcoin

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The US is making noise because of issues related to the nation’s public debt ceiling, at the same time that the BRICS countries continue to plan to de-dollarize. Amid this economic uncertainty, Ron DeSantis, Governor of Florida, has taken a pro-crypto stance by advocating crypto-related policies as part of his presidential campaign. his 2024.

In a Twitter Spaces chat with the topic of discussion around his views on the crypto industry. The conversation discusses the potential implications for the crypto space if Joe Biden re-elected as President.

DeSantis said he is unhappy with the current administration, warning his listeners that Bitcoin could face major challenges and potentially lead to a crypto market crash if Joe Biden continues to extend his term.

DeSantis says:

“Bitcoin represents a threat to Joe Biden. The current administration is trying to regulate Bitcoin to get the cryptocurrency out of the country. And if Joe Biden continues to be re-elected President for another four years, they will probably end up killing Bitcoin.”

Here’s What DeSantis Thinks About Bitcoin

Cryptocurrencies have struggled in the US, these assets continue to be a power struggle between Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) and the Commodity Futures Trading Commission (CFTC). These regulators have struggled with the classification, supervision, and regulation of crypto assets.

This further creates uncertainty and a complicated environment for these assets to operate in the country. As a result, some crypto companies have chosen to expand their operations overseas, for example Coinbase.

DeSantis said he strongly opposes any attempt by Congress to ban cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin. He stressed his opposition to such measures.

“You have every right to do Bitcoin. The only reason these people in Washington don’t like it is because they have no control over it,” he added.

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