Ethereum’s Sepolia Testnet Successfully Simulates Upcoming Shanghai Hard Fork

Today, Ethereum’s Sepolia testnet was successfully upgraded to simulate the upcoming Shanghai hard fork on the network’s mainnet in March.

The successful implementation of the “Shapella” upgrade on the Sepolia testnet is an important step forward for the Ethereum blockchain and the wider crypto industry. The upgrade incorporates the name of the upcoming Shanghai and Capella hard forks, introducing new features and changes to the network, including the ability for validators to withdraw their staked Ether (stETH) from the Beacon Chain to the executive layer.

Validators need to stake 32 ETH to validate transactions on the Ethereum blockchain, but with the Shapella upgrade, they can now withdraw more than the 32 ETH reward and continue validating, or they can withdraw all 32 ETH plus the reward and stop validating.

A successful upgrade is a positive sign for the Ethereum community as it demonstrates the network’s ability to continue to grow and improve. It also helps build trust among investors and other stakeholders who closely follow the development of the Ethereum blockchain.

Arbitrum researcher and coder terence.eth announced the successful upgrade on Twitter with the caption “Testnet Sepolia successfully upgraded to Shapella!”. While there are some Prism validators offline due to old geth versions, expect them to be back up and running within 10 minutes.

The next step before the Shanghai hard fork goes live on the mainnet will be to deploy the upgrade on the Ethereum Goerli testnet, which is expected to begin in March. This will give developers and stakeholders another opportunity to test new features and changes before they are officially deployed on mainnet.

Overall, the successful implementation of the Shapella upgrade on the Sepolia testnet is an important milestone for Ethereum and the wider crypto industry. It shows that the Ethereum community is committed to continuous innovation and development, and is willing to embrace changes to improve the network’s capabilities and performance.

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