Ethereum to enable Shapella upgrade on Goerli on March 14

The Ethereum Foundation has announced the activation of the Shapella upgrade on Goerli at epoch 162304, scheduled for 14/32023 at 22:25 UTC (5:25AM ET on March 15).

The announcement was made via the official Ethereum Foundation blog on March 8, 2023. This will be the last testnet upgrade before the planned implementation of Shapella on the Ethereum mainnet.

This upgrade follows The Merge and allows validators to withdraw their staked ETH from the beacon chain to the execution layer. It also introduces new features for the execution and consensus layers.

The Shapella upgrade contains changes to the implementation layer (Shanghai) and the consensus layer (Capella). The engine API used by the implementation and consensus layers to communicate has also been modified in Shapella.

The consensus layer changes for the Capella upgrade are specified in the Capella directory of the v1.3.0-rc.3 specification. The upgrade introduces full and partial exit of validators, announces BLSToExecutionChange, allows validators to use BLS_WITHDRAWAL_PREFIX to update to ETH1_ADDRESS_WITHDRAWAL_PREFIX and separate state and block history accumulators, replacing the original history root.

Changes to the API engine can be found in the file of the repository execute the API. In short, the structure Withdraw V1 Various related structures and methods were introduced and added.

Client versions supporting Shanghai and Capella have also been released on the Goerli testnet. When choosing which client to run, validators must pay special attention to the risk of running a majority of clients on EL and CL.

The Ethereum Foundation encourages stakeholders and node operators to read their latest post and withdrawal FAQ. You can test everything on the Zhejiang testnet before activating the upgrade on Goerli, the Shapella Community Call is scheduled for March 13, 2023 at 15:00 UTC (ie 22:00 Vietnam time on the same day).

As an Ethereum user or Ethereum holder, you don’t need to do anything. If you use an exchange, digital wallet, or hardware wallet, you also don’t need to take any action unless your wallet provider or exchange tells you to take extra steps. However, if you run your own Ethereum node or validator, you will need to update your node to the Ethereum client version listed in the table.

The Ethereum Cepolia testnet has successfully simulated the Shanghai upgrade. The mainnet upgrade is expected to be carried out within 3-4 weeks after the upgrade of the Goertek testnet.

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