Ethereum stops completing transactions for 25 minutes

On the evening of May 11, several Ethereum developers reported that the Beacon chain, a fork of the Ethereum blockchain that uses the Proof of Stake (PoS) consensus mechanism, has suspended transaction completion, and they are currently investigating this. question.

“About thirty minutes ago, the beacon chain failed to complete the transaction. I don’t know why yet, but in general, the chain is designed to resist this situation, transactions will continue as usual, and once the problem is resolved, the closing process will begin.”

However, after about 25 minutes, the mainnet started completing transaction blocks again. The developers said they are continuing to investigate the cause and will notify the community as soon as possible. Although some blocks were delayed, transactions continued to be processed normally.

To explain this, community members pointed to various clients — multiple types of client software applications that validators can use. That’s why the problem didn’t spread further or last longer.

Additionally, the Twitter account found that “the majority of pools/admins they follow were offline for several periods.” Sources of ethereum network activity data indicate that the problem occurs with validators, which suggests proof-of-time for the network to process transactions.

“Nearly every mining pool/operator we track has been offline for several periods.”

From 200,552 to 200,554 Ethereum epochs, the number of proofs received dropped significantly, according to Epoch 200,552 crashed at 3:13am on May 12th. After about half an hour the problem was resolved.

The Ethereum community is closely following the investigation of the incident. Ethereum is a leading cryptocurrency and is often used for transactions, so any problems with the network are of particular concern to users. The developers will continue to monitor the network and work to prevent similar incidents in the future.

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