Ether supply decreased by 100,000 tokens since the merger

Since The Merge marked Ethereum’s transition from the energy-intensive PoW consensus mechanism to the greener PoS method, the ETH supply has decreased by over 100,000 coins.

Over the past 217 days, ether’s total supply has dropped by 103,092 coins — worth more than $200 million at current prices, according to ethereum tracking site

If the merger never happened and the ethereum network remained handled by miners rather than stakeholders, ether’s supply would have increased by more than 2.52 million tokens — or $4.9 billion. Ethereum supply will also increase by 3.53% year-over-year.

Conversely, the token supply of the merged Ethereum decreased by 0.144% year-over-year. Additionally, claims to have removed $1.2 billion from the Ether supply during the same time frame.

Since the merger, Ether supply has decreased by 0.144% year-over-year. Source:

The current supply of Ethereum is about 120,418,032 million pieces.

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According to the block

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