ETH Fans Criticize Rollkit Devs for Leveraging Bitcoin for Sovereign Rollups

The Rollkit development team announced that Bitcoin has been integrated as a tool for sovereign rollup updates to store and retrieve data. It is now possible to run the Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM) on top of Bitcoin as an update, the developers said. However, some ethereum supporters have expressed displeasure with the technique known as rollups. Many went so far as to say that teams should avoid using the term.

On March 5, 2023, developers announced a new development, claiming that it is now possible to use the Bitcoin blockchain to create sovereign aggregates for data storage and retrieval. The team behind the project, Rollkit developers, claim the technology has the potential for greater aggregate growth and could help create better markets on Bitcoin. To achieve this, the Rollkit team used Taproot transactions to read and write data on Bitcoin, and created a “bitcoin-da” package to provide the necessary interface. They also implemented the “SubmitBlock” and “RetrieveBlocks” functions for Rollkit to interact with Bitcoin.


The Rollkit development team explains: “Rollkit is a modular framework for rollups that provides interfaces for plugging in different components, such as a data availability layer. The latest addition is an earlier research implementation of a module that allows Rollkit to use bits Coin to provide data availability. At its core, all that is needed are two functions: one to send total blocks and another to retrieve them.”

Controversy Surrounding Rollkit’s Bitcoin Integration

After Rollkit developers made the announcement, some ethereum supporters criticized the team for describing the process as rollup. ETH advocate Ryan Berckmans said:

“‘Sovereign Rollup on Bitcoin’ is really an alternative layer 1 that stores its block data on Bitcoin. It’s not true rollup or real layer 2. In my opinion, we’re fighting these The best way to lie is to build an ethereum zk layer-2 that puts its data on bitcoin.”

Another insisted:

“Just because you have data available isn’t enough to make it an aggregate.”

Interlay founder Alexei Zamyatin also criticized Rollkit’s announcement as follows:

“Please read this article. You don’t really inherit anything about Bitcoin security. Data availability – ok, but honestly, this has been around since 2012. The whole article is just described in fancy buzzwords “Write some data to Bitcoin”.

The Rollkit developers have posted a video demonstrating the technology in action on Youtube. The team also wrote a comprehensive blog post detailing how it works.

“As we move into the future, sovereign communities will form around different applications, and it is important to ask them to bear the high cost and cost of implementing layer 1 blockchains to achieve sovereignty. Unsustainable,” concludes the Rollkit blog post. “Sovereign rollups overcome this by allowing the deployment of sovereign chains that inherit the data availability and consensus of another layer-1 chain (such as Bitcoin).”

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