Donald Trump’s second NFT series quickly “sold out,” but was criticized as “ridiculous” and “weird.”

Yesterday, the second NFT collection of former U.S. President Donald Trump sold out after being released to the public a day earlier.

The new series contains 47,000 tokens priced at $99 each, this time as unique NFTs and signed tokens. Traders who buy 47 tokens will be eligible to dine with Trump at his Mar-a-Lago estate in Florida, while those who buy 100 tokens will get not only the dinner but also a free gift. New rarities.

The artwork in the second series is very similar to the one Trump debuted last December, which also sold out within a day of its release. The first series was an unexpected success, and its base price shot up within 24 hours of launch, reaching 0.19 ether (ETH), or about $230, on the OpenSea secondary market — more than double the original price . Trading volume also increased to 900 ETH, or $1.08 million the day after the sale.

Recent documents also suggest that Trump earned between $500,000 and $1 million from the NFT project through a licensing agreement he signed with the series’ creators.

This time, however, the secondary market for Trump trading cards has cooled.

According to OpenSea, the base price for the second series of NFTs is around 0.053 ETH, or roughly $108 — just a few dollars above the token’s initial minting price. Its transaction volume was 774 ETH, or about $1.5 million (the price of ether in December was about 40% lower than it is today).

Although the price of ETH is hovering around $2,000 today, the returns for the second collection are lower for holders in terms of both speculation and utility. The first series features multiple sweepstakes with more chances to win in-person experiences, like a Zoom call with Trump himself, dinner in Miami or a cocktail party at Mar.-a-Lago.

momentum is slowing

Shortly after the second NFT series dropped, Twitter users mocked the “ridiculous” artwork even more outrageous than the first.

While many of the tokens are in the same style as the first series, with the former president’s artwork appearing in different attire and settings, the new tokens feature Trump participating in activities such as playing games, at concerts Playing the guitar, grilling…

Independent journalist Ed Krassenstein wrote on Twitter:

“Trump is trying to paint himself as ‘the most successful and powerful man around’ — an ideal he’s been striving to be.”

One of the rare NFTs depicting Trump as the King of Hearts was listed on OpenSea for 47 ETH (~$94,000), although the highest bid for the series was 0.84 ETH (~$1,600) at the time of writing.

board take

According to CoinDesk

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