DeGods “reviving” the project’s original NFT collection on Bitcoin via Ordinals

Bitcoin NFT via Ordinals is the most exciting thing in the crypto space lately, with over 100,000 assets committed on the blockchain in just two weeks of its launch. Surprisingly, that number already includes 535 NFTs from DeGods – the most valuable Solana NFT project.

DeGods "reviving" the project
DeGods “reviving” the project’s original NFT collection on Bitcoin via Ordinals

DeGods revealed the move earlier this week as it circulated that all profile pictures (PFPs) had been engraved on Bitcoin in a single block. These 535 images in particular were released via Solana in 2021, but were burned to cut supply in the early days of the project.

Project creator Rohun Vora, pseudonymously Frank, and Dust Labs CEO Kevin Henrikson are longtime Bitcoin fans who enjoyed this great opportunity from Ordinals to bring the project to the Bitcoin network. , giving 535 PFP a “second life” on Bitcoin with unprecedented upgraded artwork.

Frank said:

“Bitcoin is the best brand in crypto, the best known and really simple yet as powerful as it can be. Associating DeGods itself with the best brand in crypto is unquestionable at any point.”

Ordinals is a unique project to record NFT-like vehicles and assets into the Bitcoin blockchain by connecting them to a single satoshi (minimum denomination of BTC). Vehicles are fully stored on the blockchain and the order can be transferred, although more infrastructure and platforms are still needed to trade and process assets.

Additionally, Dust Labs CEO Kevin Henrikson said the DeGods team wanted to dive into Ordinals as soon as the project started developing. To realize the goal of 535 PFPs on the Bitcoin network, they worked with one Bitcoin miner Luxor Technologies CEO Nick Hansen to arrange all 535 NFT lines etched onto the blockchain in one Exclusive and unique Bitcoin block.

This block is handled by Terra Pool of DMG Blockchain Solutions, which claims to be a carbon neutral mining pool powered by renewable energy solutions. However, as Frank concludes, these specific 535 DeGods NFTs, previously incinerated on Solana, will only exist on Bitcoin via Ordinals.

Meanwhile, the broader DeGods project is set to move from Solana to Ethereum as announced in December 2022, with sister project y00ts connecting from Solana to Polygon. This process is still happening for the remainder of the project’s 10,000 NFT total.

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