DefiLlama “internal turmoil” after announcing the preparation of the token airdrop

One of the famous data statistics units of the crypto industry, DefiLlama, suddenly revealed that there was a conflict within the project on the issue of private token issuance.

DefiLlama “internal turmoil” after announcing the preparation of the token airdrop

DefiLlama splits the team due to a disagreement on token issuance

On the evening of March 19, the crypto community on Twitter was shocked by the news that a part of the DefiLlama team decided to separate because they did not agree with the decision to issue tokens.

Specifically, the Twitter account of 0xngmi, one of the founders of DefiLlama and commonly known as the representative of this crypto data site, states:

“The DefiLlama team will split the project. DefiLlama is being taken over.

There is an attempt to issue tokens that do not represent our will. We don’t want to be attached to it.

Use and follow the Twitter account @llamadotfi!”

0xngmi further revealed that the person taking control of the website and the project’s official Twitter account decided to issue the token, despite the objections of another group. Therefore, a part of the team, who are confirmed by 0xngmi to have built DefiLlama for the past 3 years and not for financial gain, chose to separate as a separate project with the name

The page has an interface and features that are almost identical to

0xngmi also warned the community not to believe the claims made from DefiLlama’s Twitter page.

0xngmi also confirmed the above post in the famous LobsterDAO group of the DeFi community, confirming that it was not hacked Twitter.

In response, the Twitter account of DefiLlama’s “apprentice” claimed that 0xngmi had arbitrarily separated, intentionally appropriated the intellectual property rights of the DefiLlama brand, and provided false information.

DefiLlama wants to issue tokens

Earlier, on the morning of March 19, the official DefiLlama Twitter page hinted that it would issue its own token and airdrop to the community of supporters of the DefiLlama DEX Meta-Aggregator liquidity aggregator solution.

Although only launched in January 2023, so far, DefiLlama DEX Meta-Aggregator can be considered a resounding success when it reaches a total trading volume of over 5 billion USD, with more than 63,000 users. with 410,000 asset swaps.

The average daily user count of the DEX aggregator is over 3,000, with a 24-hour trading record of more than $600 million on March 11, when stablecoin USDC depegs. DefiLlama’s Aggregator most navigated DEX exchanges are 1inch, Matcha/0x, ParaSwap.

At the end of the article, DefiLlama “hint” is about to airdrop tokens for users in the near future.

In addition to the DEX Meta-Aggregator product, DefiLlama since 2022 has continuously expanded from a volume and TVL data statistics page of blockchains and DeFi projects into a diverse portal, from volume and asset reserve of the exchange. CEX, fundraising history, hacks, fee revenue of projects, etc.

DefiLlama is part of LlamaCorp’s product portfolio, which includes other divisions such as its own news site DLNews, payment service LlamaPay, RPC service ChainList, and portfolio tracking service Llamafolio.

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