CryptoPunk #685 Resurrected After Being Accidentally Burned, Becomes First Official CryptoPunk Ordinal

As Cointelegraph reported, Brandon Riley accidentally burned Crypto Punk #685 while trying to package it for lending based on this NFT. Fortunately, Crypto Punk #685 has now been resurrected as a Bitcoin serial number.


Riley has tweet March 25:

“I was so focused on doing exactly what I was told that I made a mistake that wiped out a third of my net worth in one trade.”

The error occurs during a simple wrapper attempting to get an authorized wallet.

“It was really a big mistake for me. But it was my own doing, it wasn’t anybody’s fault, it was my own.”

The tweet quickly went viral, with user Adam Hollander reply It’s up to NFT companies to ensure better designs.

“I’m often on the ‘people should be responsible for their property’ group in Web3. But this situation is made more nuanced and complicated by poor UI/UX.”

However, in response to the viral threat, Twitter user Olliesblog tweeted on March 26 that he wrote burned punk on the NFT Bitcoin network Ordinal.

“A gap detected. Be quick. Congratulate him,” noted Olliesblog and tweet Link to the first CryptoPunk minted on the Ordinal Network.

“That’s it. He recovered Punk #685, but he was the first official CryptoPunk in the world to be burned to Ordinal: TX: Punk685.”

“Big thanks to Olliesblog for being kind and compassionate and resurrecting Punk 685 for me. He is currently a participant in researching the Bitcoin blockchain from scratch, thanks to Satoshi Nakamoto over a decade ago!”, Riley tweet After learning about the new NFT.

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