Crypto Whales Are Buying Memecoins Exclusively Developed by ChatGPT

Cryptocurrency enthusiasts are buzzing about a new memecoin called TURBO, developed almost entirely by ChatGPT. Whales have started to take notice of this innovative token and some major investments have already been made.

For example, BTC12 Capital (leishen.eth) spent 600 ETH ($1.14 million) on May 6th and 7th to purchase 645 million TURBO at a price of $0.001773. Additionally, RookieXBT spent 48 ETH ($71k) to buy 61 million TURBOs at $0.00146 just 11 hours ago despite losing 10 ETH ($43K) on TURBOs before that. The technology behind TURBO makes it stand out.

ChatGPT is an advanced AI language model used to develop almost all aspects of memecoin, including its token, white paper, roadmap and concept. memecoin itself claims to be community-driven, which may be true since ownership is relinquished and there is no centralized mechanism.

Whales seem to see TURBO as a better, more decentralized version of PEPE. The fact that it was developed using ChatGPT adds an extra layer of trust, as the AI-driven language model doesn’t care about making any profit from the digital asset.

Additionally, the absence of a central authority means that the future of memecoin is entirely in the hands of its community, making it an even more attractive investment for those who believe in decentralization.


According to USA Today

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