Creator of the term ‘metaverse’ isn’t too optimistic about mainstream adoption of virtual worlds

Neal Stephenson, arguably the creator of the general concept and term “metaverse” (recently popularized by Meta), believes mainstream adoption of the technology may be a long way off. The author, who coined the term in his 1992 novel “Avalanche,” claims that the development of virtual worlds will depend on the quality of experience provided in them.

Stephenson shared:

“There won’t be a metaverse used by millions of people unless it includes experiences that millions of people find valuable, and creating those experiences is pretty hard.”

The author, who established a clear relationship between the metaverse and game technology, explained that “the game industry is an economic engine and a technological engine, and this will obviously be the foundation of any future metaverse. The future,” citing Doom, by ID Software’s John A game created by Carmack as one of the games that kicked off the Metaverse era.

Blockchain connects the virtual world

Stephenson also explained that the blockchain has a natural relationship with the Metaverse, allowing connections between different worlds to become part of a larger world. Part of the reasoning behind Lamina1, the company he co-founded, was to build a base layer for creating a “relatively technically appropriate” digital world, the author said. Match the functionality of the blockchain.

The internal design of a metaverse can be done in a centralized manner, but blockchain-based tools can be used to move data from one metaverse to another as part of a larger metaverse.

“I think to build a metaverse, we’re going to have a situation where people can move freely from one environment to another … all of this is like a kind of network of interactions and financial transactions. Decentralization itself makes me think Blockchain and other types of decentralized financial construction.”

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