Creativity in focus as Bitcoin Stamps cross 18,000 mark

Just 17 days ago, the bitcoin stamp trend was in the spotlight, with over 8,000 stamps minted on the bitcoin blockchain. Since then, that number has grown to 18,443. The stamping trend started after the serial number inscription craze, and proponents of stamping say it enhances durability because stamping cannot be truncated like witness data or signatures.

Stamp minting costs more than serial inscriptions, and the creators recommend encoding stamps using “PNG or GIF files with 8-bit, 24×24 pixel color depth”. However, creators have developed high-resolution artwork using scalable vector graphics (SVG). Recently, a user attempted to attach MP3 files to postage stamps, and the classic Snake game was also attached to postage stamps.

Screenshot from portal.

Although still in its early stages, stamps are traded over-the-counter through the Emblem Vault. Hiro Wallet, which supports Ordinal inscriptions, expressed interest in adding support for Stamps in the future and welcomes Hiro Wallet pull requests on the team’s Github page. Additionally, the Rare Stamps platform is a Bitcoin-based stamp analysis portal showing prices and collections.

Collectibles include Stampunks, Bitcoin Flocks, Broken JPGS, Stamp Pepes, Stamp Pepes Not, Stamp Wizards, Pixel Gods, Classic Arcade, Depepes, and more. Stamp #791 in the Stampunks series has a reserve price of 0.05 BTC or $1,365. As of April 22, 2023, while the number of seals exceeded the 20,000 mark, the number of serial number inscriptions exceeded 1.3 million. On the same day, the number of serial number inscriptions on the Litecoin blockchain was 224,059.

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