Chronos Exchange Plans to Airdrop 53% of Initial Supply

Chronos Exchange is one of the most anticipated launches in the crypto ecosystem, and now the team behind the exchange has announced its initial airdrop and supply distribution plan, which is considered the most popular, ambitious and exciting One of the space programs. The announcement revealed that more than 16,000 participants will receive the token, allocating 53% of the initial supply.

Chronos will have an initial supply of 50,000,000 CHR, and the combination of liquidity tokens issued and locked at launch will create an initial circulating supply of 2.45 million CHR. Allocations are split into several airdrop allocations, including:

  • Airdrop chrNFT Minter,
  • airdrop protocol veCHR,
  • Airdrop veCHR users,
  • Airdrop launch partner users,
  • For future partners,
  • Airdrop cross-chain ecology,
  • Airdrop Arbitrum Ecosystem,
  • Airdrop to Chronos users.

The ChrNFT Minter Airdrop is an exclusive airdrop for those who participated in the minting event on March 29, 2023. It represents 9% of the initial supply, of which 4,500,000 CHR is allocated to chrNFT minters. Each NFT will airdrop 405 CHR and 405 veCHR, chrNFT minters have the option to receive all 810 tokens as veCHR without authorization upon request (locked for 2 years).

The veCHR protocol airdrop is allocated to the protocol pool of partners to help them start the liquidity incentive flywheel. The airdrop is dedicated to protocol funds, with 25% of the initial supply (12,500,000 veCHR) locked for two years. Meanwhile, the veCHR user airdrop, which represents the largest portion of supply, has been allocated to users of Arbitrum and the larger DeFi ecosystem, partner agreements, and Chronos itself. All veCHR in this allocation are locked for two years.

The airdrop is intended for Launch Partner users who intend to reward and attract participants to the Chronos Partner Program. The exact criteria for the airdrop will be determined by the project team, and each project will have different criteria.

Chronos has also reserved a portion of the airdrop for distribution to users of future partner programs who participate before or after launch.

Cross-chain ecosystem airdrops are strategically distributed to attract experienced cross-chain protocol DeFi users who will add value and contribute to Chronos. User numbers and veCHR/user numbers are estimates only and will vary based on the number of people participating in the program.

The Arbitrum Ecosystem Airdrop is allocated to the top liquidity providers in the Arbitrum Ecosystem with the goal of attracting them to Chronos to take advantage of newly matured LPs and helping them get started with veCHR NFT familiarity with voting and collection.

Ultimately, the largest portion (38%) of user airdrops will go to Chronos community members. These initiatives are designed to reward community members for participating and raising awareness of Chronos launch events. The snapshot will be done before Chronos starts, the exact time will be given first.

A portion (6%) of the airdrop allocation will be reserved for future airdrops, so stay tuned to learn more. Chronos Exchange launch partners including Deus Finance, Sphere Finance, Tarot Finance, Impossible Finance, and Libera Financial have been announced, with more announcements to come ahead of launch.

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