Blur’s token airdrop drives up gas prices and massive ETH burns

Manbelcht airdrop tokens Enter youUm?noahYCincubationdaythe stern childrenahng NFT metersUm?I’m blurry satisfy d,no ManunsalableNhHey4000000Umyou Dollar pull Ethereum bthe stern Manohton (cough)Um?cbthe stern restincubationy) at 7 Wuahyou passed.

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soaring pricesUm?i 5 Dollar la when go outYest, youngahc fast timeohskyshefairyohskyahI 1 Dollar pull inoWu the first HourWell. live ricestagnation1.15 Dollar Lah, BLUR HiUmn transactionthe sterndayUm?pHHeyn 94% vs.Um?I amstagnationc is very highUm?t all times up to 13/2/2023.

According to D, plumUmpracticalYes super sound money, during coughYesTon Manofuzzy ng get Mandepending onNh ManIUm?rice, hHeyn 2.469 Ethereum bthe stern ManohTon.KYUm? TonYes London hard forkahEurope and JapanAsian8/2021, moTonUm?noIE tradethe sternsupportahC hereyes Manahhelpshe Give excavator HelloUmPrecautionsthe stern Manohtelevisionah WorryYesIbrahimovicOMG khOMGIlWellyouumbrellang.

over there, storehousesheng 1,158 ETH per dayahpeopleWell Coh plumHeyn importantahctiunsalablep ManunsalableWorkUmc ngahIDohskyHeyUniversity of CaliforniaUm?You airdrop.coughYesTon ManoCoNetherlandsYesI become TonYes becauseUmmoveUm?n fuzzy andah this coughYesTon ManochildrenHeyn channelsIEdaythe stern childrenahVague.

at the time of writing92.5% of secondsoh Token Airdrop satisfy ManahaisleHeyn 100,000 voltsIE Requireaccording to Dune analysis.

murky competition

More recently, Blur has captured the lion’s share of the NFT market.

According to Dune, Blur currently accounts for more than 43% of weekly transaction volume, OpenSea 37.1%, and X2Y2 Only 9.9%.

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during peak hours exist Last January, OpenSea occupy More than 95% of the weekly trading volume in this field.


weekly trading volume belong Different NFT marketplaces | source: dune

Of the top two NFT marketplaces, OpenSea is the older name, but this week’s Blur airdrop seems to have Take away the aura belong communicate market leader.

on Monday 4Blur announces it will enforce any royalties creators demand, as long as they no Incoming transactions on OpenSea— programme hostile to clear with competitors.

Blur was released last October and not fully respect Establish creator royalties. ManThis means that the platform does not enforce the fees that NFT creators demand when selling their creations (typically 5% to 10%) on the secondary market.

The platform currently only enforces a minimum royalty of 0.5% on users Creative, but allowed this traders pay more.

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