Blur Announces Requirements for Season 2 Airdrops

Blur, an emerging NFT trading platform, has announced the conditions for users to participate in the 2nd season airdrop of BLUR tokens. The platform challenging OpenSea’s supremacy has allocated more than 300 million BLUR to users who meet the Season 2 requirements.

Compared with the first airdrop of 360 million BLUR at the beginning of the month (Q1), the Blur Season 2 airdrop will take place at an indeterminate time in the future, but will continue to distribute a large number of BLUR to enough users. . Blur tweeted that 300M+ BLUR will be distributed to the community during Season 2.

The key to maximizing rewards in Season 2 is Loyalty, with 100% Loyalty users being the most likely to receive a Legendary Care Pack worth 100x the Uncommon Care Pack.

To maximize loyalty, Blur offers users three ways to earn 100% points. First, users should list their NFTs via Blur using advanced listing tools that allow them to list all places at once. Second, in Season 2, users can earn 100% Loyalty Points by clearing third-party listings with the new Max Loyalty Node. Thirdly, users can get big list rewards such as bidding rewards, the formula is maximum list points = list x loyalty. The more user lists, the more money they make.

However, Blur warns users not to cheat the system by listing NFTs at unrealistic prices, synchronizing or listing dead collections, as these actions will not help them maintain his loyalty points. Instead, users should list and bid from the same wallet, and listing NFTs on other marketplaces that Blur does not yet support will not affect their loyalty points.

Currently, the price of BLUR is around $1, down more than 20% due to the crypto market correction on February 22. In addition, the upcoming BLUR airdrop will not require users to hold BLUR, which may be one of the reasons for the price drop. Although BLUR is listed on most major exchanges, it is not yet available on Binance.

Source: TradingView

In short, Blur’s Season 2 Airdrop offers users the opportunity to earn BLUR, with loyalty being a key factor. However, users need to keep in mind the principles of maintaining loyalty and avoiding cheating the system.

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