‘Black Swan’ Author and Professor Jordan Peterson Clash Over Bitcoin

Lebanese-American economist and best-selling Black Swan author Nassim Nicholas Taleb chats with Canadian psychology professor Jordan Peterson on Twitter about Bitcoin mitigating monetary issues The ability to start a war of words.

Join Black Swan and Jordon Peterson in Bitcoin

On the one hand, it is a harsh criticism of BTC, while on the other hand, it is believed that it may be beneficial in the era when the economy is going digital.

Taleb’s warning

One of Australia’s leading banks – ANZ – plans to stop cash withdrawals from some of its branches. Additionally, it intends to reduce the number of ATMs nationwide, thereby significantly reducing the amount of banknotes offered to customers.

Critics have warned that the policy could affect older customers and people with disabilities who primarily use cash.

Renowned psychologist — Jordan Peterson — believe One can focus on Bitcoin as an alternative to the ANZ amendment. Leading digital properties have grown in popularity in Land Down Under over the past few years. According to an Independent Reserve survey conducted by the end of 2022, it is estimated that more than 90% of locals are aware of the existence of BTC; of these, a quarter will own the cryptocurrency HODLer.

Nassim Taleb disagrees with Peterson and warns inexperienced investors not to follow the professor’s instructions. He even claimed that Canadians are members of the “Bitcoin Legion.”

Nassim Taleb: From Crypto Advocate to Harsh Critic

The author of “Black Swan” was previously a supporter of cryptocurrencies. In 2019, he announced that he would stay away from cash, stocks and bonds, and invest in Bitcoin and Yellow instead.

His positive attitude seems to have changed after his problems with Coinbase in 2020. After that time, he locked his account on the platform, claiming they were not cooperating in resolving the issue. some technical issues.

Taleb issued a statement against Bitcoin in the summer of 2021, arguing that it should not be classified as a currency, a store of value, or a digital representation of gold. He also rejects the assumption that BTC is a product of free design:

“There is no support for the belief that Bitcoin is an offshoot of libertarianism and the Austrian economy…Liberalism is essentially about the rule of law rather than the rule of law . And it turns out … that liberalism is not entirely distrustful.”

The economist then asserted that it would be a mistake to view Bitcoin as a safe haven because it responds to liquidity “like any other bubble.”

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