Arbitrum will airdrop its own token ARB on March 23

After much speculation, the layer-2 project for Ethereum, Arbitrum, has finally announced the date of the ARB private token airdrop.

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Arbitrum will airdrop its own token ARB on March 23

According to an announcement posted on the evening of March 16, the leading layer-2 solution on Ethereum, Arbitrum, said that it will hold an airdrop of ARB tokens on March 23.

ARB is an ERC-20 token issued on Ethereum, with an initial supply of 10 billion ARB and unlimited total supply. The common token inflation rate is estimated at 2%/year.

The amount of ARB airdrop will be 1.162 billion ARB, accounting for 11.62% of the initial supply. The project also allocates 42.78% to the DAO fund, 26.94% to the development team and advisors, 17.53% to the early investors and 1.13% to the development fund of projects on Arbitrum. .

Arbitrum’s ARB Token Allocation

The time of snapshot airdrop is on 06/02/2023.

Arbitrum said it created an airdrop scoring system for its users early on. The criteria for the airdrop include using Arbitrum One and Nova in the past 6 months, trading with different smart contracts, reaching different transaction values ​​and providing liquidity for this layer-2.

Criteria for receiving Arbitrum’s ARB airdrop

The number of points achieved will determine the amount of tokens that users can claim on March 23.

The ARB level received with the corresponding score

Eligible Arbitrum users can check the token airdrop at the website below.

The ARB token is positioned as a tool to help Arbitrum One decentralize the project and become a true self-governing DAO. ARB holders will be able to participate in governance and vote on important updates initiated by Offchain Labs developer. In addition, ARB is also the main token of Arbitrum Nova and future layer-2 products of the project.

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