Appears layer-2 solution connecting Solana to Polygon

The Eclipse development unit is about to roll out Polygon SVM, a layer-2 on top of Polygon that can link to the Solana network.

Appears layer-2 solution connecting Solana to Polygon

On the morning of February 24, the developer of a layer-2 rollups solution called Eclipse announced the launch of Polygon SVM, a layer-2 blockchain that runs on Polygon, but is also compatible with the Solana network.

Polygon SVM is a layer-2 that uses the SeaLevel Virtual Machine, a desktop environment where dApp developers Solana can deploy applications programmed in the Rust language directly to Polygon.

The goal of Polygon SVM is to allow Solana developers to connect their application to Polygon without having to reprogram the project to be compatible with the Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM).

The reason why Solana has always been considered separate from Ethereum is because this blockchain network uses the Rust programming language, while Ethereum uses Solidity. That approach has over time set Solana apart from the rest of the crypto world, as most new layer-1 blockchains seek to have EVM built-in to make it easier for money and projects to flow through. In turn, removing barriers for both developers and general users.

Eclipse founder Neel Somani said:

“Polygon SVM will help many Solana projects to migrate to Polygon as it can directly support Solana smart contract. Normally, when you want to go from Solana to Polygon (via Polygon EVM), the project will have to reprogram all smart contracts to be compatible with EVM. But with Polygon SVM, they didn’t need to change anything.”

The Polygon SVM will run on Polygon’s Avail data protocol, and connect to the Polygon and Ethereum mainnets by cross-chain bridges.

Eclipse in September 2022 raised $ 15 million from many funds, including Polygon Ventures. This unit also receives funding from the Solana Foundation.

Notably, Mr. Neel Somani was the founder of Terranova, the project that makes Terra compatible with EVM. However, after the LUNA-UST ecosystem collapsed, he turned his attention to Solana.

In addition to Eclipse, Solana is also preparing to welcome another layer-2 solution called Nitro, which will help connect it to the Sei Network being built on the Cosmos system.

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