After Hiding for 5 Years, Apple Will Remove Copy of Bitcoin Whitepaper from Macintosh Computers

As AppleInsider reported Tuesday, the digital copy of the bitcoin white paper that was originally hidden on Macintosh computers for more than five years was not part of Apple’s upcoming operating system update.


The belated discovery of the PDF document went viral three weeks ago, and it’s just the latest in a long line of Easter eggs that Apple (or, more likely, its employees) have been crafting over the past few weeks or even the past decade. Apple’s millions of users are unlikely to ignore it in 2020, as designer Joshua Dickens revealed on Twitter.Someone read your post and posted Wire On the Apple Support Forums in April 2021.

However, it didn’t attract much attention until reaffirmed by prominent technologist Andy Baio last month.

“Of all the documents in the world, why the Bitcoin white paper? Does Apple have a Bitcoin secret? Maybe it’s just a lightweight multi-page PDF handy for testing purposes that the end user never sees. “

The discovery even led longtime Bitcoin creator Craig Wright, who claimed to be Bitcoin creator Satoshi Nakamoto, to argue that Apple had infringed his copyright. Wright previously received a court order ordering to remove copies of its white paper by 2021, but the site refused to comply.

According to participants in the Apple Beta Software Program, the upcoming MacOS Ventura 13.4 release does not include this file or other components that were originally packaged. This is a virtual scanner experimental driver that allows developers to use the imaging module of the operating system. These files are never discovered by normal users because they are located in hidden system files.

In addition to a PDF of the Bitcoin white paper, there is also a photo of the Treasure Island sign in San Francisco.

Baio later said that an Apple insider told him that the existence of the white paper was submitted last year as a developer work order and assigned to the same person who originally put the white paper into the system. However, no vote was taken at that time.

“They said it might be removed in a future release,” Baio said.

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